Lou Rizzo

Why you should use a knowledgeable Real Estate Professional to assist you in SELLING a home.

It’s What We Do: We’re available seven days a week.

We Know the Market & Pricing: We will help you set the highest and fairest price for your home. A Comparative Market Analysis is
prepared for you, free of charge.

Home Warranty: You can guarantee your home to a buyer for 1 full year.

More Money: Over 90% of houses are sold through Real Estate Professionals. Why? We can get more money for your home, even after fees.

More Buyers: We have more buyers than we have houses for sale. And more Qualified Buyers.

Qualified Buyers: (Pre-qualification) We work hand in hand with banks and mortgage brokers to ensure that the person who wants to purchase your home is in a position to do so.

Seller’s Legal Responsibilities: We will walk you through the many steps involved in the selling process. Do you know about the Lead Paint Disclosure Law? I will explain the Property Disclosure Statement which is law and must be submitted whether or not you sell with a Broker.

More Exposure: We’ll list your home on the realtors exclusive MLS website. Plus we’ll get you listed in all relevant Real Estate web pages.

We Work for YOU!

Lou Rizzo

Why you should use a knowledgeable Real Estate Professional to assist you in PURCHASING a home.

Knowledge of areas, schools, transportation, etc.

Assistance in determining how much the house is worth, and how much you should offer. We know the current market trends.

Assistance with the many steps involved in a real estate transaction, i.e., lead paint disclosure, engineer inspections, termite reports and financing.

We have access to those involved in the process, i.e., attorneys, engineers, appraisers, banks, and mortgage brokers.

We will save you time, which in most cases means money. Calculate the time it takes to call about details of a house, you may or may not like, and the time it takes to set up appointments that are agreeable to both you and the seller. This is just for one house!

We will help you get pre-qualified and assist you in calculating how much your monthly payments will be.

Guess what? It’s free! Our commissions are paid by the sellers, and although our fiduciary duty is to the seller, we will help you with all of the above.